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FREE! Right now with any $35 Purchase or Auto-ship Subscription! Your very own Sit Stay Snacks collapsible bowl with it's own carabiner clip! Clip it to your leash when you head out for your walk and always have it handy!

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Thank you for stopping by our shop. Just like it is for you, it's incredibly important to me that I feed my pack only top-quality, all-natural treats without added fillers and preservatives. In our store is exactly what I handmake for my pack. Only the best ingredients. 


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Two Brand New Products sized especially for training!




Meaty Snackers Training Treats!

The same recipe as our Meaty Snackers but trimmed to the perfect size for training! 




Sirloin Training Treats!

100% Pure USDA Li'l chunks of Lean Beef and trimmed to the perfect size for training!


New Packaging and New Shape for the Meaty Snackers!

Meaty Snackers have been one of the most popular treats since we launched Sit Stay Snacks! This makes me really happy because it is my very own recipe. It's exactly what I put into the raw mix that I feed my pack: a variety of meats, organ meat, fruits, veggies, whole greek yogurt and eggs, shell and all! Just like all of the other Jerkys that we offer, they are a dehydrated treat.

If you've ordered them in the past you will notice a new packaging! They now come in their own little 'Jerky Jug' and instead of being a small cracker or cookie shape, they are now a meatball shape! Still super yummy, super nutritious, and 100% Natural with No preservatives.

And now available in a 

Training Treat size!


Gift w/Purchase & FREE Shipping with $35 Purchase! 

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Gift w/Purchase & FREE Shipping with $35 Purchase!  

Or join Auto-ship for your Monthly Treats! Save 15% plus Free Gift & Free Shipping!!