Meaty Snackers Training Treats are made from the raw recipe that I make for my own pack. 100% USDA lean ground beef, pork, chicken breast and thighs, beef heart and chicken livers plus apples, oranges, broccoli and carrots, eggs with the shells for calcium and whole Greek yogurt and now, BLUEBERRIES! I hand form the mixture into training sized morsels and dehydrate them. Full of 100% natural goodness. Because there are no added preservatives it is recommended that you store your treats in the refrigerator. 

Meaty Snackers Training Treats

  • Ingredients: Ground lean beef, pork, chicken, beef heart, chicken livers plus apples, oranges, broccoli, carrots, eggs including the shells, blueberries and whole greek yogurt. 

  • Moisture 21.67%, Protein (crude) 49.7%, Fat (crude) 5.90%, Fiber (crude) .44% 

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At Sit Stay Snacks, we believe in real ingredients for our loved ones. That's why we use only quality, USDA Select-cut meats, the freshest veggies & fruits, eggs w/shells & whole yogurt. We personally prepare all treats from scratch, in our own kitchen. They're truly delicious, nutritious, dishes. All products are manufactured and shipped from the Catalina Foothills in Tucson, Arizona and right to your door! We hope your dog enjoys Sit Stay Snacks as much as ours do.


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