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Giving Back.

It's what we like to do.

Giving Back to Hope of Deliverance.

All of our beloved Pack are rescues. Two were born deaf. Georgia, the American Bulldog, and Luna the Great Dane. From the beginning, we have given back a portion of our sales to a Rescue. Every purchase Gives Back! ​We are so excited to partner with HOPE OF DELIVERANCE RESCUE!










10% of ALL ORDERS with or without promo code will go 

immediately to the rescue in your name!


Use Promo Code:  LOVE4DOGS


to receive $5 off any $50 or more order and $5 or 10% will go

DIRECTLY via Zelle within 30-60 minutes to 

Hope of Deliverance in your name!

Promo Code LOVE4DOGS can be used on either website!

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